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Completing difficult installs in remote Alaska and Montana is the bailiwick of SeaPort Telecom and its partners. Pioneering the internet cafes of Seaport Cyber during the mid-90s in Alaska and the Caribbean cruise ports by installing Intellicom and Starband systems led to dealership status with those companies. Since 2014, Seaport Telecom has been the local authorized HughesNet Retailer of choice in Southeast Alaska.

Seaport Telecom believes in keeping its existing customer base online, in good repair, and abreast of current developments in rural delivery of telecom services including voice, video, and Internet. The good will generated by this customer support serves Seaport with great word-of-mouth advertising and constantly affirms its stellar reputation. Other services provided include DirecTV, solar applications, point to point wireless, camera systems, Seaport Wireless Hotspots, iDirect Satellite Internet, and Starlink installation support, with OneWeb expected late 2021. Call us on 907-723-5092.


It’s been 10 years since I first contacted Seaport Telecommunications and met Joe Ashcraft to get satellite Internet at my remote home in Southeast Alaska. Working with Joe and his crew over the years has been great! Joe or one of his crew is always just an email or phone call away. They know what it takes to keep us out here at remote places up and online. For me, Seaport Telecommunications is the best there is!

Since meeting Joe Ashcraft in 2012 when he installed my personal Starband – with point to point wireless and a solar charged battery back and inverter to run the modem at the dish several hundred feet away from a location where Line of Sight prevented close access – I have observed as he completed many extremely difficult installs that other installers and dealers refused or could not do. The respect he has in the village of Yakutat is not lightly or often won.

We have been working with Joe Ashcraft and Seaport Telecommunications for several years. We have found Mr. Ashcraft to be professional and knowledgeable about his products when dealing with our internet needs. We represent two family ranches in a remote location in Wyoming and Mr. Ashcraft and Seaport Telecommunications have always made the time to travel to our ranches. In contrast with other vendors,knowing our special needs and our remote location, he brings with him equipment and supplies perhaps needed just to avoid the time and expense of coming back a second day. He has kept our family members happily “connected” through HughesNet and has suggested upgrades only when he felt they would be of value to speed and service.

Seaport Telecommunications and Joe Ashcraft have looked after our internet needs for 15 years in the remote village of Whale Pass on POW Alaska. Extremely knowledgeable, hard working, able to figure out difficult installs, and brings a lot of swag. When HughesNet refused to do the Gen5 upgrades for existing customers, Joe made it right. And a human answers the phone.

I have worked with Joe Ashcraft of Seaport Telecommunications on my own and other installs in Port Protection and Pt. Baker Alaska since 2011. The knowledge, perseverance and extreme effort exhibited on installs for float houses, extreme roofs, on little islands awash at high tide, and on towers is astounding. The patience Joe shows with people who have never had internet before only enhances the experience for me. HughesNet is lucky to have such a person.

I am honored to be writing on behalf of the 8-person relay team the Klawalkers, which took part in the 18th Annual prince of Wales lsland Marathon on May 27. We are profoundly grateful for your sponsorship of our team and so appreciate your generosity and willingness to do this. We were also astounded at the amount and quality of the gifts that you bestowed on us. We never expected so much. I think that perhaps the raincoats were the biggest hit – you can see Adeline deCastro and Wendi Hulstine above sparting them as they finish a leg of the relay. We all also like the shirts and the awesome water bottle. We felt so spoiled and will surely get good use out of each and every item. possibly, you would like to know a bit about our team. Our captain, Adeline deCastro, has been in every marathon except for two, I believe. She has in recent years taken to organizing her own team and actively recruits friends and acquaintances throughout the year. She presently is 84, so this is quite impressive. other team members were: Ned Ortiz, Mary Ortiz, Cindy Mills, Yodean Armour, Roseline Bixler, Wendi Hulstine and myself, Ann James. We initially met in Aprit and discussed our current paces for our assigned legs. We learned that our biggest concern was completing what is a difficult marathon course in the allotted eight hours. We made it our goalto finish under the eight hour requirement. Our plan B was to make eight hours; our Plan C, simply to finish. We possessed a wide range of abilities, but we each trained because we had pledged to be a team. Come race day, our team did quite well with each relay member turning in times that were better than training bests. We finished with forty minutes to spare before the eight-hour cutoff. We were proud, elated and relieved. It was a good feeling. Again, we offer many thanks for your sponsorship and your extreme generosity. on behalf of the Klawalkers.

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