Why SeaPort Telecommunications?

Completing difficult installs in remote Alaska and Montana is the bailiwick of SeaPort Telecom and its partners. Pioneering the internet cafes of Seaport Cyber during the mid 90s in Alaska and the Caribbean cruise ports by installing Intellicom and Starband systems led to dealership status with those companies. Since 2014, Seaport Telecom has been the local authorized HughesNet Retailer of choice in Southeast Alaska.

Seaport Telecom believes in keeping its existing customer base on line, in good repair, and abreast of current developments in rural delivery of telecom services including voice, video and Internet. The good will generated by this customer support serves Seaport with great word of mouth advertising and constantly affirms its stellar reputation. Other services provided such as DTV, Globalstar Sat phones, solar, and camera systems, we also install HughesNet, America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet. Call us on 888 996 0466.

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